In many cases, recovery voices are marginalised and ineffective when the work is shouldered primarily by lone individuals. As we know from the great social movements that precede ours, the public, policy makers and the media can easily ignore individual voices.

Long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a real lived experience for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK. And many more get well every year, benefiting individuals and their families and all the communities we live in.

There are as many different paths to recovery as there are different people in recovery. Regardless of how people achieve recovery, they are the living proof that recovery happens and that there are real solutions to the problems of addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Building strong Recovery Community Organisations (RCOs) is one way to tackle feelings of isolation and shame, build strong relationships and advocate for the solutions that we know work.

This Toolkit looks at how to go about setting up an RCO – from the core principles that inform it to the practicalities of creating and sustaining an organisation.

To find out what becoming a RCO means and if your organisation fits the criteria, please download our toolkit for Recovery CommunityOrganisations by clicking on the link.



The Association of  Recovery Community Organisations ARCO unites and supports the growing network of local, regional and national recovery community organisations. ARCO links recovery community organisations and their leaders with local and national allies, and provides training and technical assistance to groups.

All recovery community organisations that are led and governed by the recovery community are welcome to join.

To become a member of the UK Association of Community Recovery Organisations please down load and fill in the application form here. ARCO-Application-Form

Further reading on the thinking behind ARCO can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  The-Recovery-Community-Organization-White-Valentine-Taylor