1375772_647794735265801_1646947791_n 1374752_647794948599113_887538277_n 1238283_647844641927477_715691443_n 1234538_647798891932052_2093477318_n 1234175_647799485265326_2013526616_n 1231544_647799905265284_1743253082_n 603901_647799838598624_747824097_nConfirmed date of The 5th UK Recovery Walk is 22nd September 2013, Start point is 12pm from Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre. If you are driving Parkopedia is a good website to find the most cost effective parking available. The postcode for the beginning of the walk at Victoria Square is B1 1BD. The postcode for the end of the walk at Calthorpe Park is B12 9LP.

Back in October 2012, one of our founding trustees Annemarie Ward (then Founding director of the UKRF) was delighted to announce – after the phenomenal success of The 4th UK Recovery walk in Brighton – that Birmingham the ‘city of a thousand trades’ had been chosen to host The 5th UK Recovery Walk in 2013.

The UKRF announced in January 2013 to no longer be involved in the planning or delivery of the UK Recovery Walk and wished Annemarie Ward every success in setting up a charity to take the work of the recovery walks forward.

The UK Recovery Walk Charity was then established and committed to organising and mobilising the thousands of British people in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, our families, friends, and allies to come together and unite under one goal, our common welfare. Our organisation is committed to altering public perceptions of addiction and recovery. We want to support and promote effective public policy in the UK, influence practice and demonstrate that recovery is working for tens of thousands of British people.  It is our collective strength that will ensure our success, and our national walk each year is an expression of our on-going solidarity and commitment to help those individuals’ families and communities that still suffer.

As announced by the UKRF, The 5th UK Recovery Walk will be held in Birmingham in 2013.

The Birmingham committee chose in April 2013 to remain independent from the charity and are not affiliated with the UKRW charity at this point. The UKRW Charity continues to support and respect the independent work of the Birmingham committee and wishes them every success.

More details and updates from the Birmingham 2013 organising committee and its members will regularly be added to their websites/social media below: