The 4th UK Recovery Walk in Brighton & Hove

On the 29th of September 2012, we witnessed the spectacular event that was The 4th UK Recovery Walk! Thousands of individuals from around the UK gathered on Hove seafront to walk through the city in a celebration of recovery, of lives now free from addiction.

The Recovery Walk 2012 was quite something to behold. We walked proudly together, making recovery visible through the beautiful city centre, challenging stigma, educating the wider population and bringing hope to those still suffering.

The 4th UK Recovery Walk-Brighton & Hove 2012 recognised that there are many roads to recovery so we are not prescriptive about who could take part. The organising committee had all gained recovery themselves via differing routes and were keen to support the idea of many pathways one journey.

As part of the celebration there was a festival of recovery at the end point of the walk, where we showcased the talents and achievements of people who had reclaimed their lives and grown through creative endeavours. There was live music, performance/dance, poetry and art. There was also entertainment for children and the family’s who came along. Many stalls showcased services, service user groups and other organisations that were and still are making a positive contribution to their communities.

The Recovery Walk 2012 was a fantastic opportunity to bring recovery onto the streets, to celebrate the healing that happens when recovery becomes a reality, within individuals, families and communities.


For more info on The 4th UK Recovery Walk in Brighton and Hove can be found here

The Recovery Walk 2012 planning team really were amazing, check them out.

Were you in Brighton for the walk? We’d love to hear from you. If you have any photographs, memories or stories from Brighton, please contact us. If you would like to be involved in this year’s UK Recovery Walk, please get in touch!