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Our 5th monthly Drug Death gathering G5 will be held on the 6th of December in Springburn Parish Church

Please join us for our 5th Monthly Drug Death gathering.  Please join us for a candlelit vigil at Springburn Parish Church and a procession through the town to mark the deaths of those who died and to show support for the families who are bereaved. Please book a spot here if you can but dont

Working Together to Challenge Stigma & Save Life’s – Drug Death Gathering 4 (G4)

Faces and voices of recovery Scotland started to organise and mobilise those affected by the soaring amount of drug deaths in Scotland during August 2019, shortly after the latest abhorrent rise in death numbers came out. Over 60 volunteers have been mobilised and so far and three gatherings organised. Through our weekly steering group meetings,

Contact your Elected Member

Please find your MPs Email address at the link below and send them this email with your name and address     Dear Elected Member I send this letter in response to the recent, unacceptable rise in the number of drug deaths (1,187). That’s one thousand one hundred and eighty seven human beings.

Successful actress and producer Tara Bruno Supports FAVOR Scotland

    Interview with successful actress and producer Tara Bruno   Tara Bruno is an actress and producer who is making her way to the top.  Tara began her acting career at a very early age after having studied at ‘The University of the Arts’ in Philadelphia and at ‘The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’ in

Drug Death Gathering 3 Glasgow, Scotland

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UK Recovery Walk 2019 Brochure.

Here it is folks Download it here Final Brochure 2019 Thanks to all our Sponsors – we couldn’t do it without you – thats just a plain fact ! We are so grateful for your unconditional support each year. Hugs from all of us and from everyone who will attend over the next few days.

Drug Death Gathering Glasgow

International Overdose Awareness Day originated in Melbourne, Australia in 2001. Aims International Overdose Awareness Day aims to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of a drug-related death. It is also an opportunity to stimulate discussion about evidence-based overdose prevention and drug policy. International Overdose Awareness Day acknowledges the grief felt by families and

Our Annual Report 2018/9

Please feel free to download our Annual Report here. We hope you enjoy reading it. Annual Report 2019-6.pdf  

Huddersfield or Newcastle for UKRW 2020- You decide.

The Bids are in for next years potential Hosts. The Bid have came in this year aagin from city’s in the North = Newcastle & Huddersfield. Newcastle Bid   You can Read the bid from Newcastle by clicking on the links above & below   New2Recovery Walk 2020 Finances       You can read

An Open Letter to Directors in Public Health in England from FAVOR UK

We note with interest the alarm expressed by some Directors of Public Health in England at suggestions that the NHS may asset-strip what’s left of public health services in local authorities, for example the piece here and here   We watched on with bemusement as Directors of Public Health in England grabbed the Pooled Treatment Budget