Our Purpose

Having been inspired with the recovery walks in the United States, set up originally by CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) who held their first walk just 5 days after 9/11, we took the ideas of a UK wide national walk and the benefits of mutual aid to the National Drug Treatment Conference (NDTC) in 2007 UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders (UKESAD) conference in March 2009  where we spoke of the possibility of developing an organisation here in the UK to emulate and support the growth of recovery walks to inspire hope and celebrate recovery from addiction. The UK Recovery Walk constituted itself as a local community group in the regions where the first 5 walks took place.

We have now decided to take The UK Recovery Walk forward as part of our newley named charity Faces & Voices of Recovery UK (From May 1st 2015)  to continue to develop and grow into a sustainable inspiring yearly event.

The organisation’s purposes are:

  • To promote the saving of lives and advancement of health by encouraging, empowering and educating people in recovery from addiction as well as those affected by addiction.
  • To provide relief to those in recovery whose sustained recovery may be affected by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage and strive to alleviate these.

And in furtherance thereof:

  • To raise funds to support the above.
  • To promote, plan and deliver a national UK Recovery Walk/Event in each year.
  • To give a voice & face to recovering people and provide support and information on where to get support to help people enter recovery and progress their lives, free from addiction.
  • Promote other recovery activities to take place each year.
  • To engage in activities year round that promote the annual UK walk throughout the UK and further afield where appropriate.
  • To work with appropriate local, regional and national organisations, services, political and governmental bodies to highlight and promote recovery

It is our wish to see thousands of people turn out for recovery across the nation as part of Septembers recovery month, in walks all over the UK but at the UK Recovery Walk every year we will celebrate with people in recovery, their families, friends and allies who are now healthy and well, taking part again in all aspect s of life and helping each other to celebrate their growing visibility and sustain their recovery.

As we have each year until now and again in years to come I’m sure we will be joined by a vast array of elected officials, celebrities, public officials, and allies.  We hope you will join us each year or be participants in your local events, raising the national profile of the growing recovery movement.