As the UK Recovery Movement gains momentum, many people recovery and their friends and family members, are beginning to talk about their experience of recovery in public.

Our stories have power. They can help convince the man or woman who is still sick to take the leap of faith and be inspired to try recovery for themselves. But they can also help us reach policy and decision makers; educate the public and recruit new members to our growing movement.

oshp 1Whether we are sharing at a local community group, a conference, a service provider event or even in everyday conversations there are some useful things to remember and to be aware of when we are talking about recovery.


How we tell our stories, and in particular the language we use, can directly affect how people feel, think and act towards us. And perhaps more importantly to those who are still caught up in active addiction. Too often the focus is on the negative, we need to work on giving a message of hope and long-term recovery. We need to be able to advocate for policies at local and national level that work for us all.

We are offering free training to help you to hone your skills as a carrier of the recovery message. It will put you in touch with other recovery advocates from across the UK and equip you to pass on the training to other recovery messengers in your own community.

love recovery 2Our training will be delivered in a simple and effective format. Based on the training carried out by Faces & Voices of Recovery (the leading American Advocacy Organisation), we believe it will be a powerful tool for expanding the UK Recovery Movement’s advocacy potential.

This training is for friends of and staff who work with recovery too

We need as many families, friends and allies of recovery to share their experience of witnessing recovery too and how that has had an impact on them.

Our training will provide information on working with the media but also cover engaging with government groups, treatment providers and others in positions of influence. It will look at techniques for conveying our message, how to stay on track and how using clear informed statements can help us steer positive conversations and outcomes.

You will also learn – and be able to teach others about:

  • Recovery Messaging
  • How to tell your recovery story in the most positive, informative and influential way
  • How to use recovery messages in all parts of your life, including representing the recovery community in the media and other public places
  • Speak without breaking the traditions if you are a member of a 12 step fellowship

You will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Organise and mobilise people in the UK in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction – and our families, friends and allies – to speak with one voice
  • Change public perceptions of recovery
  • Speak with confidence and clarity whatever your chosen pathway to recovery is.
  • Promote effective public policy in the UK
  • Keep a focus on the fact that recovery works and is making life better for us, our families and our communities
  • Raise the UK Recovery Movement’s national profile
  • Support local recovery advocacy and recovery community organisations in your area

This training will help us to work toward our Charity’s aims.

558833_534577169914149_2061543605_n We aim to cover as wide a geographical spread across the UK as possible. Each training session will take a full day.  If you or your organisation is interested in being hosts of this training to support people, families, staff, organisations in your area, please get in touch.   The training will be free, however if you or your organisation would like to donate or provide sponsorship please do get in touch as there are costs attached to delivering.oshp rec moth