How To Support Us

You can donate and help us  to raise funds immediately here or If you would like to organise your own funraising fundraising event for The UK Recovery Walk Charity, then we would like to make this as easy as possible for you.

Who knows you may want to hold a dance, have a party or even jump out of a plane. Whatever way you decide to raise funds we will all benefit and be grateful and we hope you have fun.

You can even raise funds for your organisation to bring your friends and family to The UK Recovery Walk, how good is that! Instead of asking your service provider to provide a bus or accommodation, raise your own funds to do it! We like being fully self supporting (recovery teaches us that).

To make the whole process easier you can now set up your own UK Recovery Walk Charity fundraising page in minutes by following the link below, which means your friends and family can sponsor you at the click of a button, and you can easily keep track of your progress without all the paperwork.

Before you set up your fundraising page please register your event with us using this online form.  Once you have submitted the form we will send you a fundraising pack which will contain either the ‘in aid of’ or ‘supports’ The UK Recovery Walk Charity logo to use for your publicity. You can then set up your My Donate Page and start raising funds for the Charity.

Once your page is set up, My Donate will tell you how to share your page with your  friends and family.

A few very important things to consider

When you are fundraising for The UK Recovery Walk Charity, you are acting “in aid of” or ‘supporting’ The UK Recovery Walk Charity, rather than “on behalf of” or “representing” The UK Recovery Walk Charity. This means that you are independent of The UK Recovery Walk Charity and what you do does not fall under The UK Recovery Walk Charity’s control. We have special “in aid of” or “supports” logos that we will send you once your event is registered.

Please make sure that any fundraising materials or publicity you use includes the following:
In aid of/Supports The UK Recovery Walk Charity: Registered Charity: SC043961

And please ensure you have permission to use any images or text – although some material is available without copyright instructions, do not assume that all materials are copyright free.


The UK Recovery Walk Charity cannot take responsibility for what you do as a volunteer when you are fundraising “in aid of” The UK Recovery Walk Charity.

It is not acceptable to collect money in the street or do house to house collections in the name of The UK Recovery Walk Charity so please don’t do this guys.

For certain events, such as raffles, lotteries or public entertainment you may need a licence or permission from the local authority so be careful.

Insurance and Safety

The UK Recovery Walk Charity cannot accept liability for your event, so please make sure that you have appropriate insurance in place for the activity or event you are carrying out. Check whether your chosen venue has insurance in place that will cover what you are planning.

Please think about the safety of yourself and those attending your event and make sure you carry out risk assessments for your fundraising event.   You will find useful information on the Health and Safety Executive website:

In particular, where children, young people or vulnerable adults are involved, this should include an appropriate level of safeguarding preparation and adult supervision, checking children have permission from their parents or guardians, and carrying out appropriate background checks if adults are to have unsupervised access to children.

If you are an organisation you can sponsor our charity.

Becoming a Sponsor of the UK Recovery Walks! Will get your name, organisation, mission, logo and other information in front of a targeted audience of up to at least 8,000 people who will not only attend The UK Recovery Walk! but also see our social media updates and take part in our events.  Your publicity will reach much further than that when you consider the number of people who will drive past our huge billboards , visit our web sites and Facebook pages, hear our media interviews and TV/radio, read our press releases, e-mails and other promotional materials, communicate with those in the addiction and recovery fields, or are familiar with our works.

The UK Recovery Walk is the primary fundraiser for our national walk becoming a sustainable and integral focal point in promoting the awareness that recovery from addiction is a reality. We depend on your sponsorship to help us fund not only the walk taking place but also helping individuals and families from all over the UK to take part in this wonderful inspiring event. Your sponsorship will also help families and individuals to gain, life skills, employment support, and assistance with family issues. We also conduct many advocacy activities and provide resources for our members and supporters to work diligently to reduce the stigma of addiction.

Please help us to help others become well again and to show the nation that people can and do recover.