The UK Recovery Walk

Essentially The UK Recovery Walks are about Advocacy. Advocacy can be approached in a variety of ways, but most Peer Led Recovery Organisations educate the public by seeking to “put a positive face and voice on recovery”.

The UK Recovery Walk does this by bringing together individuals and families willing to offer their commitment and stories as a demonstration that long-term recovery is a reality in their lives.

The focus of The UK Recovery Walk is a public education and outreach campaign that communicates by offering living proof of the reality of long-term addiction recovery.  We also highlight the many pathways and styles of such recovery to the public as a whole, policymakers, the media and local communities.

The UK Recovery Walk is intended to replace pessimism with the hope and healing power of recovery, helping to combat the stigma associated with addiction. The UK Recovery Walk provides main stream society a highly visible and obvious solution to the overwhelming crisis many feel associated with alcohol and other drug addiction.

We hope you and your families will join us to take part each year as we walk proudly together confirming and upholding that recovery from addiction is not only possible but a reality.