The UK Recovery Walk

Which takes place each September, raises awareness of substance use disorders and RECOVERY from addiction. The point of The UK Recovery Walk  is to celebrate the achievements of individuals in recovery, and acknowledges the work of prevention, treatment, and recovery service providers.

Each September, and throughout the year, Recovery Month encourages recovery communities worldwide to spread the message that prevention works, treatment is effective, and Recovery from addiction is a lived reality in millions of people’s life’s.

We are a policy advocacy movement that is taking on issues of discrimination, social justice and service access. 

We are also a public and professional education movement, intent on challenging stigma. We do this by delivering messages of hope to the cultures of addiction within our systems and treatment.

The Walks are an opportunity for us to announce our presence and, in time, mobilise and organise our community.

What we hope to show via the walks and Faces & Voices of Recovery UK is

1) There is viable and varied recovery solutions for alcohol and other drug problems.

2) We are examples of real people who illustrate the diversity of those recovery solutions.

3) We can challenge any public attempt to dehumanise, objectify and demonise those with alcohol and other drug problems.

4) Advocate for variety, availability, and quality of local/regional treatment and recovery support services.

5) Advocate for barriers to recovery, including the promotion of laws and social policies that reduce alcohol and other drug problems and support recovery for those suffering from alcohol and other drug problems.