Greater Manchester Recovery Walk 2014

Start Date: 12:00 am Thursday 28th August 2014
End Date: 12:17 am Friday 31st October 2014

general Information

The 6th UK Recovery Walk Greater Manchester

The 6th UK recovery Walk took place on Saturday 13th of September 2014

Here is the first of what became a regular update and all the information you needed to get involved in helping on the planning of The 6th UK Recovery Walk in Greater Manchester.

You can also find links to how we structure the planning days and to what the work streams look like that are being used throughout the process in the hope that they will inspire you or perhaps give you some ideas to take forward in your own areas and regions. Please feel free to download, adjust for your own use in any way you think might be useful.

Already this last month it’s been awe-inspiring to see the response and overwhelming support from the organisations and people in recovery in Greater Manchester and to witness the first cogs of the on the ground planning for the 6th UK Recovery Walk, gearing up and starting to turn over. A real true life example of co-production in action.

We would like you to have a wee look and if you get the opportunity, feel free to Download & Present the power point presentation alongside our presentation guide on What the walks are about it doesn’t have to be one of us who presents it, this is your walk, your work and your charity.

For the folks who aren’t in Manchester, the wider planning group consists of representatives from the PHE/DAAT areas in greater Manchester, the Recovery Community, Recovery Groups and services supporting Recovery across Greater Manchester. If you are from another area or region, that doesn’t mean you can’t come though, you are more than welcome, just give us a phone or drop us an email and we will arrange a place for you. We hope it will encourage you and give you insight into putting a bid in to host the 2015 UK Recovery Walk.

Dates of the Greater Manchester UK Recovery Walk Planning Group (GMUKRW-PG) meeting are as follows:

Thursday 31st October
Thursday 19th December
Thursday 27th February
Thursday 24th April
Thursday 29th May
Thursday 26th June
Thursday 24th July
Thursday 28th August.

(All meetings held in CRI, Phoenix Mill, Manchester, Piercy Street from 1pm till 4pm.)
We would ask that you put these dates in your diary for the year of planning ahead.