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Residential Rehab Spend Per ADP Scotland – Bamboozleing with Smoke & Mirrors

Making the link Accesible. Below is a summary of ADP spending reported back to scot gov on February 17th 2021, click on the link below   Summary+of+planned+ADP+spending+-+Additional+5m+allocation    The ADPs had to report back to Scot Gov  APPENDIX 2: REPORTING PROFORMA From this document at this link below sent from Diane McLafferty Deputy Director, Drugs

Unheard Voices 2 – Choose to Challenge

#UNHEARDVOICES PANEL: CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE SUMMARY The #UnheardVoices: Choose To Challenge panel is the second event within the previously established #UnheardVoices campaign. As it was International Women’s Day (a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women) on March the 8th, we subsequently decided to accelerate the discourse surrounding gender parity

The #UnHeardVoices Campaign Zoom Panel

The #UnHeardVoices Campaign This social media campaign, established between Marriott Communications, SISCO, and FAVOR UK, directly challenges and draws attention to the ever-expanding gaps and negative deficits within government, social, and health-related policies and priorities, by highlighting the ‘Unheard Voices’ of the vulnerable men directly impacted by these failings. #UnheardVoices, through the medium of blogs

Mutual Aid Facilitation Easier than ever before

  We thought it would be useful to put this guidance in our news section as well as our resource section for ease of find.   Mutual aid groups are a source of structure and continuing support for people seeking recovery from alcohol or drug dependence, and for those directly or indirectly affected by dependence,

Our new Campaign #UNHEARDVOICES

Glasgow, Scotland – SISCO and FAVOR Scotland are pleased to announce the development of a new joint campaign, titled: “Unheard Voices.”     Annemarie Ward and Natalie Logan MacLean both bring extensive knowledge to this campaign, and will be using this expertise to shape a campaign that directly challenges and draws attention to the ever-expanding

Our Campaign Success in Scotland & England.

Wednesday 21st January 2021 #youkeeptalkingwekeepdying    In light of today’s Parliament announcement by the First Minister, in promising a health and person-centred based approach to drug policy.   We would like to say: To everyone who has campaigned tirelessly and been part of the conversations around Scotland’s national tragedy of preventable drug deaths, thank you

12 Step Myth Busting & Evidence to help with #drugdeaths

It is our hope that Scotland will adopt & learn form this work especially in the context of having 3 times the amount of deaths than England. We suggest that this ground work has helped considerably down south at all levels from on the ground to commissioning & believe it can have a lifesaving impact

Effectiveness of Residential Rehab Services & 12 Steps

Yet again we find ourselves advocating for residential treatment & also the claims that there is no evidence base for it or 12 steps. We do hope if you find yourself having to do this over & over again like us that you will find this page useful as a pointer to those ill informed

Peer Led Covid 19 Impact Survey

The COVID19 pandemic affected drug and alcohol providers across Wales, forcing them to completely re-design service provision in a relatively short timescale. The implications of this were vast. Clinical interventions such as BBV testing, urine testing and sexual health screening ceased. Starting people on prescriptions became challenging, and service users who were self-isolating depended on

End of Recovery Month 2020

Normally at the end of Recovery month we are invigorated and reenergised in our commitment to celebrating recovery but this year it has been more difficult to celebrate and here’s why. The impact of lockdown on recovery according to a yougov poll says that 39% of people surveyed who were in recovery from an addiction