Here is a brilliant consumers guide to using Buvidal please download it by clicking Depot Bupe consumer guide

Informaton includes Treatment options, Cost, How it works, Dosing options Injections, and depots Pros and cons, Setting yourself up for success, Starting depot, bupe Stabilisation and driving Side effects Travelling and takeaways, Pregnancy and breastfeeding, Using other drugs and alcohol, Pain management, Transferring to other OTP meds, Exiting OTP from depot bupe and finally You have rights! check it out !

Also see  this brilliant 21 question guide Buvidal 21Qs  made by our freinds over at Kaleidoscope in Wales


In summary it says

CAM2038 which is now know as Buvidal (buprenorphine prolonged release solution for subcutaneous injection in prefilled syringe) has been developed for the treatment of opioid dependence within a framework of medical, social and psychological treatment. CAM2038 is designed for flexible dosing and is available in four weekly strengths (8, 16, 24 and 32 mg) and three monthly strengths (64, 96, and 128 mg), enabling treatment to be tailored to the patient’s individual needs.

CAM2038 is administered by healthcare professionals to enhance treatment adherence, while potentially minimizing the risks of diversion, misuse, overdose and accidental exposure to children and teenagers.

The EC marketing authorization of CAM2038 is based on a comprehensive clinical program with seven clinical studies, including a randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, active controlled Phase 3 study in 428 patients with opioid dependence. In this pivotal study, CAM2038 was shown to be at least as effective as effective as standard treatment with daily buprenorphine/naloxone (SL BPX) for the primary endpoint of the mean percent

urines negative for illicit opioids (p<0.001). The least square mean was 35.1% for treatment with CAM2038 versus 28.4% for standard treatment with SL BPX. Superiority was met for the key secondary endpoint of cumulative distribution function (CDF) for the percent urine tests negative for illicit opioid use. The median CDF for CAM2038 was 26.7% and 6.7% for SL BPX (p=0.008). The safety profile of CAM2038 was comparable to daily SL BPX,

except for mild to moderate injection site reactions. The most common side effects of CAM2038 are headache, nausea, hyperhidrosis, insomnia and mild-to-moderate injection-site reactions.