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We aim to:

  • Save and improve the lives of people affected by alcohol and other drugs.
  • Increase society’s understanding of the links between trauma and the use of alcohol and other drugs, promoting patience, understanding and empathy.
  • Influence and shape public policy, removing the tokenism around the way that the voices of living and lived experiences are heard.
  • Encourage and promote a more balanced investment into treatment services by public bodies and other funders.
  • Celebrate and promote a culture of hope through our annual national recovery walk, inviting communities to walk with us through towns and cities across the UK

2024 UK Recovery Walk is on Sept 14 in London 

We now accepting bids for the 2025 UK Recovery Walk. 

Read more about the Right to Recovery Bill and how you can help to support this important bill.

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Faces & Voices of Recovery UK is part of a worldwide policy advocacy movement that is taking on issues of discrimination, social justice and service access

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Saturday 14 September
Crystal Palace Park, London

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latest news from favor uk

Drugs Legalisation: Over 200 NGOs Funded by One Man – Part 2.

Drugs Legalisation & Decriminalisation: Over 200 NGOs Funded by One Man Research by Deirdre Boyd 2016 , Updated July 2024 by Annemarie Ward From 19-21 April 2016, the United Nations held a General Assembly Special Session on the world drug problem and policy,...

Transformative and Timely: King’s Speech Ignites Hope for Comprehensive Recovery Support

By Anne Marie Ward In today's King's Speech (17th July), the introduction of the Planning and Infrastructure Bill marked a significant moment for us at FAVOR UK. This bill, emphasising the enhancement of housing quality and accessibility, addresses a core component of...

The Illusion of Safety: How Nitazenes Expose the Flaws in Drug Checking Services

Drug testing services have been promoted as a way to enhance safety among recreational drug users, but Nitazenes—a new and exceedingly dangerous class of synthetic opioids—expose the severe limitations of this approach. As festival season approaches, the false sense...

Clarified Response to SDF’s Concerns on the Right to Recovery Bill

The Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) has raised several reservations about the Right to Recovery Bill. While some concerns reflect genuine caution, many appear to stem from misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the Bill's intent and function & PROVISIONS. Below is...

The Right to Recovery Bill: A Beacon of Hope for Comprehensive Addiction Treatment in Scotland

Today WEDNESDAY THE 15TH OF MAY marks a critical turning point in our long battle for genuine reform in addiction recovery services. After five relentless years of advocacy, the Right to Recovery Bill will finally confront Parliament. This milestone belongs not just...

Yet Another Call for Change: Critique of Scottish Drug Policy Amidst Rising Deaths

Statement from Annemarie Ward, CEO of Recovery Charity FavorUK on“Scottish drug deaths rise of 11% in latest figures published” “The relentless rise in drug-related deaths in Scotland is more than a crisis; it's a resounding indictment of a system that fails its most...

Unveiling Scotland’s Sudden Death Crisis – A Live Presentation Event

Scotland Confronts a Silent Emergency In the lush landscapes and vibrant communities of Scotland, a crisis is quietly unfolding—a crisis of sudden, avoidable deaths that shake the foundations of families and society. At the heart of this emergency are the drug-related...

It’s not too late to stop the MUP Pet Show

It's not to late you can write to local MSP & Councillors here Use this as a template " #NoToMUP#LobbyyourMSP Dear [MP's Name], I write to express my concerns regarding the outcomes of the Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) policy on alcohol in...

Scotland’s Urgent Call for Reform: How the Lack of Transparent Drug Death Investigations Impacts Public Health and Police

In Scotland, the absence of a comprehensive system akin to the Coroners' system in England and Wales raises questions about the accuracy of drug death statistics. In Scotland cause of death is investigated and assessed by the Crown Office and Procurator Service...

Sponsorship is now open for 2024.

Our sponsorship packages offer a unique opportunity to align your brand with a cause that resonates deeply within communities. By sponsoring the UK Recovery Walk, you're not just supporting an event; you're investing in a movement that champions hope and recovery....




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