UK Registered Charity No SC043961

We aim to:

  • Save and improve the lives of people affected by alcohol and other drugs.
  • Increase society’s understanding of the links between trauma and the use of alcohol and other drugs, promoting patience, understanding and empathy.
  • Influence and shape public policy, removing the tokenism around the way that the voices of living and lived experiences are heard.
  • Encourage and promote a more balanced investment into treatment services by public bodies and other funders.
  • Celebrate and promote a culture of hope through our annual national recovery walk, inviting communities to walk with us through towns and cities across the UK

Join us for our Recovery Month events, including the Recovery Walk and Recovery Conference in Hull 2023. Learn more and register here:

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Faces & Voices of Recovery UK is part of a worldwide policy advocacy movement that is taking on issues of discrimination, social justice and service access

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 Why not organise an event for Recovery Month in Sept 2023?


 Why not organise an event for Recovery Month in Sept 2023?

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latest news from favor uk

Save the date for The UK Recovery Walk 2023 HULL

The winning bid was put together by individuals from the recovery community at RENEW and is a fantastic achievement for all who were involved. The date has been set to hold this incredible event is September 23rd 2023, for Europes largest celebration of...

Vote for the Location of 2023 UK Recovery Walk

You can now read the bids for the 2023 UK Recovery Walk by downloading below Every year we take a vote to see where the walk will take place based on the bids that come in. The bidding process is a 2 stage affair. You can read about the process and more here. This...

European Report

Please find link & report below to a piece of work we created with the help of partners across Europe to advocate for choice of treatment for what the medical profession calls opiod use disorder....

Annual Report 21-22

Please find our annual report here. Also please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions, suggestion, or directions for our work. This is a summary of our work for the year but we are happy to talk to in more detail anytime. You can contact us at...

The Big Give Christmas Challenge

We’re very excited to let you know that FiLiA has been selected to participate in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2022, the UK’s largest match funding campaign. Last year, thanks to generous supporters like you, the campaign raised over £22 million for participating...

UK’s First Addiction Advocacy Service

Please enjoy reading even though it will be very disturbing for the comfortable, but comforting to the disturbed.   We are pleased to launch this report at the end of our first full year as the UK's First & only addiction advocacy service. With your...

UK RECOVERY WALK Newcastle 2022

At last --- Starting point is 12.00 at Ceremonial Way (next to the Civic Centre) on 17th September 2022. We will walk down Ceremonial Way, to the City and then back to the park for the rest of the day. Join the Recovery Walk Newcastle 2022 17th September 2022...

Purple Heart of Recovery

The History of the Purple Heart Way back in 2012 we created the purple heart of recovery as our charity's emblem to represent the bravery & courage required & practiced daily, by people in recovery & their families, friends & allies. Honouring all...

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

If the Scottish Government is truly serious about their national mission to save lives, then we should make every effort to learn from the things that have happened in England over the past 13 years. Politics and ideology have dominated this field for too long, and I...

Scotland’s National Lived Experience Collabortive

FAVOR UKs Response, as you know we cant work for free anymore.  "A human rights-based approach places people and their human dignity and rights at the centre of all policy and decision-making." (Corra Foundation, 1st July 2022) We entirely...




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