About Us


Who are we

We are a national charity, made up of individuals in recovery, their friends and families and Community Recovery Organisations.

We are a policy advocacy movement that is taking on issues of discrimination, social justice and service access. A public and professional education movement, intent on challenging stigma.

Our mission

Faces & Voices of Recovery UK is dedicated to organising and mobilising:

  • the recovery community in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs
  • our families, friends and allies into recovery community organisations and networks.

To promote the right to recovery through advocacy and education, demonstrating the power and proof of long-term recovery.

What we do

  • Mobilise and organise to raise the profile of the organised recovery community. Help more people find recovery by demonstrating that millions of people from all walks of life have found recovery. Promote widespread understanding that long-term recovery is a reality and a process that takes time and support.
  • Build the capacity of recovery community organisations to thrive and participate in local, regional and national policy arenas, support and encourage the development of peer recovery support services; and mobilise the local recovery community.
  • Address public policy to reduce the discrimination that keeps people from seeking recovery or moving on to better lives; and support recovery-oriented policies and programs.

Our Goals


To be a unified and national voice for individuals and organisations on all issues related to addiction and recovery.


To save lives and improve health and wellbeing by challenging addiction related stigma and encouraging, empowering and educating people in recovery from addiction as well as those affected by addiction.


To build awareness and raise the profile of recovery. Help more people find recovery by spreading the message that prevention works, treatment is effective and recovery from addiction is a lived reality in millions of people's lives.


To provide main stream society a highly visible and obvious solution to the overwhelming crisis many feel associated with alcohol and other drug addiction.


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Shape our Future

We are a membership charity!
What does that mean?
Well, it means we need you as members as it’s our membership that makes us who we are! We want our members both individuals and organisations to help:

  • Keep the charity’s trustee board up-to-date with the needs of beneficiaries, providing feedback and diversity of opinion;
  • Keep the trustee board fresh and accountable, and help ensure probity and transparency;
  • Improve the charity’s ability to influence the social or political environment in which the charity operates; and act as a pool of volunteers and potential trustees.

Our trustees

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