Treatment: Talking Therapies

What is this?

Talking therapies are when you talk about your problems. This may involve exploring the reasons for your substance use but may focus on what you can do to resist using or to achieve other positive goals, or may involve a mixture of these. These sessions can be one to one, group sessions or sessions with your partner and or family.

Access to treatment

You may access treatment through your GP, mental health professional, charities, community drug service providers and rehabs.

You can also access talking treatments through the private sector, but please make sure any therapist you consider understands substance use disorder issues.

Talking therapy enables you to talk to other people about your substance use issues. To identify the particular issues affecting you and work together to:

  • Explore the reasons why you have been using substances.
  • Overcome problems that date from before your substance use, or that may of caused your use to increase.
  • Look at techniques to using substances.
  • Focus on positive goals for your future.

Some people may find their first couple of sessions uncomfortable – after all it can be hard to open up to a stranger. Stick at it – as you get to know your counsellor and build a level of trust you will feel more at ease and confident with the process.