In 2021 we made the case despite substantial opposition & were awarded via the Corra foundation funding to deliver what we believe was a desperately needed advocacy service. Our belief & need has been proved greater than we anticipated.

Without any real launch or advertising of the service we have seen a steady stream of referrals come in via word of mouth, many from the central belt of Scotland where we are based. As you can see from the report word about the service is starting to spread & we are cautions & apprehensive about the actual scale of the need that is currently out there.

We are starting to receive enquires about accessing this service in other parts of the UK also but are not currently in a position to do this because of funding restrictions. If you think this service is of value & know of anyone willing to help us source funding to help develop it, not just in Scotland please do not hesitate to get in touch.

This report & the work in it represents the very tip of the iceberg with regards to whistle blowing in the sector and its very existence is testament to the volunteers who helped us write the bid to get the funding to create the posts when we were told repeatedly that advocacy services already existed.

There are no specific advocacy service’s in the UK fighting for the rights of people seeking access to treatment & this service could easily be the start of a whole new desperately needed sector. The last 6 months has more than ever brought home very clearly the unending dedication & commitment of loved ones trying to get solutions to the pain & despair of watching their loved ones suffer. This report is dedicated to all of them.

Going Forward

We will of course create a final report at the 1 year year point generating the evidence for why the service needs to go forward & be developed.

If you can help in anyway before then please get in touch.

FAVOR UK CEO & the board of directors want to thank our staff Dougie & Alan who have developed the project & relationships with services with tremendous diplomacy & skill in the face of ingrained resistance & such terrible heartbreak from the families & individuals seeking our help. Their commitment and compassion is to be commended highly & we are very grateful for their ongoing highly skilled professional undertakings with this project.