The Bids are in for next years potential Hosts.

The Bid have came in this year aagin from city’s in the North = Newcastle & Huddersfield.

Newcastle Bid


You can Read the bid from Newcastle by clicking on the links above & below


New2Recovery Walk 2020 Finances




You can read the bids from Huddersfield also by clicking on the links below.

HUD1Taking Steps to grow together-2

HUD2Taking steps to grow together bid


You can vote for who you want to host the UK recovery Walk 2020 on both Facebook starting (5th of July) & Twitter starting (19th of July) on our charity pinned posts.

On Friday the 5th the vote will go live for people to choose who wins – Huddersfield or Newcastle – the vote will close on Thursday 25th July on both FB & Twitter at midnight and the winner will be revealed at the host winners party the following day (26th) in Middlesborough at Bar Zero at 12 noon. We hope you and all your friends can make it down for the big reveal, which will take place just after our AGM & CEO Report.