Liverpool withdraw their Bid. Just for clarification – there has not been a note of interest from London as yet but we are expecting one and only moments ago this afternoon we have also received a note of interest from Middlesborough Recovery Community to host 2019. 

Update June 14th 16.50

I am writing as promised following  our phone conversation earlier this afternoon
At Today’s Recovery Walk Liverpool Bid Team Meeting we took the decision not to continue with a Liverpool Bid to host the 2019 Recovery Walk
We came to this decision for two reasons:
1.     Firstly, it was clear from the attendance at the meeting, (for which there were no apologies) and from the bid requirements that there was not enough time to put everything in place to make a viable bid by 28th June.
We looked carefully at the winning bid from Shrewsbury from last year (I sent you all a link to this in an e mail on Monday) It is clear that we could not match this level of quality or commitment from other bodies before the deadline
2.     Secondly we are aware that there has also been a note of interest from London.
It did not seem right to ask for the walk for a second time before it has been to the capital city and In view of this and the powerful publicity and credibility boost that a successful London hosted UK Recovery walk would give to the wider Recovery  movement in the UK, Liverpool wishes not to proceed and instead support a London Bid for 2019.
Please convey this to the London bidders on our behalf
We did however agree that we wanted to work up a bid for the 2020 UK Recovery Walk and to keep the bid team going. We will be calling another planning meeting over the Summer for this purpose
We also agreed to encourage people to attend the Shrewsbury planning meetings in the run up to this year’s walk in September and of course the Recovery Walk itself
Peter Rainford, Kim Eaton, Dave Barnicle
On behalf of Liverpool Uk Recovery Walk bid tram