The History of the Purple Heart

Way back in 2012 we created the purple heart of recovery as our charity’s emblem to represent the bravery & courage required & practiced daily, by people in recovery & their families, friends & allies.

Honouring all those lost to addiction, & those seeking & sustaining their own recovery journeys, It has quietly done its thing across the UK over the years.

Over 6000 of these little badges have now been distributed & our purple heart has became synonymous with the recovery movement .

If you have one please wear it all year round but especially with pride over Recovery Month during September.

If you don’t have one please get in touch & we can get one to you for a small donation & P&P.

please write to & place your order.

Minimum order is 50 badges £2.50 per badge plus P&P. If you would like to buy more we can work out a deal, please get in touch.