“The culmination of the 34th International Recovery Month in 2023 stands as a testament to the indomitable commitment of individuals across the world. Here in the UK, these dedicated souls orchestrated an impressive array of 200 local events that stretched from the Shetland Islands to Bristol. At their core, these events celebrated the profound reality of recovery from addiction to alcohol and various substances in the lives of countless individuals.

At the heart of Recovery Month in the UK, the iconic UK Recovery Walk graced Hull this year, commemorating the 15th national walk and inscribing yet another riveting chapter in the ongoing journey of addiction recovery in the UK. Leading up to the walk, the Jubilee Centre in Hull hosted an enlightening conference on Homelessness and a spiritual service the night before, also gathering voices from various corners of the nation. As Saturday, September 23rd dawned, a remarkable 5000 individuals from both the UK and beyond came together to challenge the persistent social stigma surrounding addiction and recovery. This stigma, which still casts a long shadow over families, organisations, fellowship programs, neighborhoods, and entire communities, was collectively rejected in favor of embracing hope, humility, and unity.

During International Recovery Month in 2023, the UK Recovery movement continued to evolve. Much like the personal journeys of recovery, the facades of arrogance and intolerance were cast aside in favor of deeper humility and broader acceptance. As a unified movement, we celebrated the growing bonds of unity among us. This unity not only fortified our resolve but also kindled the spark of inspiration in our friends and allies who got in touch from Scotland, Brazil, America, Australia, and South Africa, where we urge them to continue to advance their respective recovery movements.

Recovery teaches us to acknowledge our own imperfections, making it easier to extend forgiveness for what were once perceived as imperfections in others, now cherished as beautiful differences. Year after year, we join hands to revel in the realisation that these differences are no longer viewed as threats but as diverse pathways to recovery. Throughout International Recovery Month, we seized the opportunity to emphasise that all pathways to recovery were welcomed and celebrated, recognising that we need as many choices and chances to access the journey back to freedom &health.

The triumph of Recovery Month events is a testament to the tireless efforts of numerous individuals across the UK who ensured that these gatherings ran with seamless precision. These events were marked by moments of joy, games, the nurturing of new skills, and the forging of enduring friendships. Witnessing the continued expansion of this movement is indeed remarkable. The conference and the 15th UK Recovery Walk in Hull provided a profound understanding, a firsthand experience, and a deep connection with the essence of recovery for people throughout the UK.

As a charitable organisation, we extend our deepest gratitude to all our steadfast supporters, whose love and support have been unwavering.

Our most profound appreciation is extended to each and every individual, both within the UK and across the globe, who played pivotal roles in the success of International Recovery Month this year. As we move forward, we remain committed to addressing the pressing need for more investment across all pathways that empower individuals to achieve freedom from addiction. We stand firm in our resolve to challenge the false dichotomy of harm reduction versus recovery, recognising the complex and multifaceted nature of this ongoing battle. Together, we continue to champion the cause of recovery with unwavering dedication and boundless hope.”

Annemarie x

What can I contribute to this meaningful cause? Here’s your opportunity: Join Faces & Voices in commemorating International Recovery Day and participating in the inaugural Day of Service on September 30th.

The Day of Service is a celebration of recovery triumphs, uniting individuals from both the substance use and mental health communities. It brings people together from diverse backgrounds and experiences, all with the shared goal of giving back. Together, we confront the challenges of addiction and mental health, striving to ensure that every person has access to resources to embark on their recovery journey, free from the weight of shame or judgment.

Our vision is to witness our community coming together in full force, demonstrating the remarkable strength of the recovery community when we join hands and work together. Volunteering opportunities are diverse, whether it’s cleaning up a local park, organizing a donation drive, or offering free haircuts – your creativity and action can make a lasting impact.

For resources and guidance on how to get involved, please click the link below. We’re eager to hear how you plan to participate!

Let’s start the conversation! Here are some ideas to kick things off:

Join me and @FacesandVoicesofRecovery @FAVORUK as we rally for @mobilizerecovery’s #DayofService on September 30. Together, we’ll contribute to our communities in support of recovery. Your volunteering initiatives can take various forms, from cleaning up parks to organizing donation drives or providing free haircuts. Let’s embrace creativity and take action! #RecoveryMonth #EveryPersonEveryFamilyEveryCommunity

We’ve all been touched by the challenges of substance use disorders & addiction. Let’s continue our journey of breaking down barriers to recovery without judgment by participating in @InternationalRecoveryDay and @MobilizeRecovery’s #DayofService, happening during #RecoveryMonth on September 30th.

Join me and @FacesandVoicesofRecovery & @FAVORUK on #InternationalRecoveryDay, where we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with individuals worldwide. We’ll light up the world in purple during our virtual fireworks celebration, demonstrating that the power of recovery knows no boundaries. #RecoveryMonth #EveryPersonEveryFamilyEveryCommunity

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