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Drug consumption rooms are one harm reduction intervention in 23 recommendations from FAVOR Scotland’s Report, Working together to challenge stigma & save lifes that could help with the rising drug death crisis.


Public Health England have reviewed the best available evidence for Drug Consumption Rooms and concluded that they can contribute to:


  • Reducing harms associated with drug use, particularly high risk injection behaviours
  • Reduce public drug consumption and publicly discarded drug-related litter, e.g. syringes
  • Improve access to medical services and referrals to other health and social care services
  • Decrease the incidences of syringe and pipe sharing
  • Reduce ambulance call-outs for overdoses in the local area


They are cost-effective, in terms of net saving and life-years and do not lead to a local increase in crime rates.


For the full report see here

Or download it here DrugConsumptionRoomsEvidenceBriefingV02.00 (1)


Therefore we, the undersigned, support the development of Drug Consumption Rooms across the UK in areas where there is evidence of need.