Working together: SMMGP and Faces and Voices of Recovery UK (FAVOR-UK)
SMMGP and Faces and Voices of Recovery UK (FAVOR-UK) are pleased to announce that our respective Boards have agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding, to explore opportunities to work together more closely in future. This will serve to enhance and strengthen our common aims which broadly are to:

Ensure the provision of a quality experience for all people who are or have been in treatment for alcohol & other drug dependence;
Advocate for variety, availability and quality of local and regional treatment and recovery support services;
Continue to challenge stigma;
Support the further development of a strong and diverse user advocacy voice encompassing all the viable and varied recovery solutions for alcohol and other drug problems.
This agreement brings together our two growing membership organisations to encompass a large representative group: those who work in the field, standing alongside people in the UK who have personal experience of seeking a way out of addiction. We look forward to the opportunities that our new partnership will bring.

Dr Steve Brinksman
Clinical Lead, SMMGP

Annemarie Ward
Chief Executive, Faces and Voices of Recovery UK