Welcome to our latest “report”, “The Workforce Action Plan: A Saga of Aspirations and Ambiguities.” In this thrilling page-turner, we dissect the Scottish Government’s “Drugs & Alcohol Workforce Action Plan 2023-2026,” a riveting narrative of well-intended ideas, almost action-packed, but just missing… actual actions. Picture this: a plan so visionary, it almost transcends the need for specifics, measurable targets, or a distinct human rights approach. It’s like planning to plan, a strategy so meta, it’s almost genius. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through a world where ambition meets ambiguity, and the road to recovery is paved with good intentions and… well, more intentions. Don’t worry there will be a report about the plan out soon too. The report will recommend more research and claim insufficient data. Bet you can’t wait to read that while more of our friends, family and communities suffer.

Please review our comprehensive critique and recommendations for the Scottish Government’s ‘plan to make a plan’. We recognise that government officials are attentive to our feedback, though it’s regrettable that progress often feels like an uphill battle. We anticipate that our recommendations, along with other contributions, will gradually evolve into policy within the next 3 to 5 years. By then, it’s likely these ideas will be widely embraced as collective insights, by their paid quangos even though they originate from our dedicated advocacy efforts.

Our 15 page retort to their plan can be found here. Sorry it’s so long but if they would genuinely listen to people in recovery in the first place we wouldn’t have to endure writing such a response.