The #UnheardVoices: Choose To Challenge panel is the second event within the previously established #UnheardVoices campaign. As it was International Women’s Day (a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women) on March the 8th, we subsequently decided to accelerate the discourse surrounding gender parity by hosting
the event which aimed to explore:

● The barriers faced as a woman (prejudice, misogyny, shattering the glass ceiling of the patriarchy)
● Personal history as a woman, and how this has influenced and shaped your career and life
● How you feel now, and how influence and power is used to serve and help the  #UnheardVoices

We hope that the panel brought more awareness to the inequities faced by women in a personaland professional manner, and demonstrated how it is possible to rise above prejudice, assert autonomy, and find success, power, and influence.

Annemarie Ward (CEO of FAVOR UK) – Host

You can read all about our event here and the report from it at the links below. You can also watch the event here on facebook



#UnheardVoices_ Choose To Challenge Press release_ 15_March_2021

#UnheardVoices_ Choose To Challenge Summary