Making the link Accesible. Below is a summary of ADP spending reported back to scot gov on February 17th 2021, click on the link below




 The ADPs had to report back to Scot Gov  APPENDIX 2: REPORTING PROFORMA

From this document at this link below sent from Diane McLafferty Deputy Director, Drugs Policy Division
Population Health Directorate
It was sent to all ADP Chairs & Integration Authority Chief Officer & Copies to: ALL
NHS Board Chief Executive
Local Authority Chief Executive
NHS Director of Finance
Integration Chief Finance Officer
ADP Co-ordinators
on 4 February 2021
Dear ADP Chair & Integration Authority Chief Officer – click the link below for more detail.
Sent out on the 4th of February to all ADPs Returned by 17th Feb 2021.
8. At a national level we would expect this additional investment to be allocated by Alcohol and Drug Partnerships using the proportions set out in the table below.
The Scottish Government recognises that there may some small variances from this to take into account local need.
Proportion Area for investment 65% Residential placements – residential rehabilitation placements – residential/in-patient detox placements – associated aftercare and post placement support
15% Improving access to treatment:
– assertive outreach (including approaches for at risk groups)
– non fatal overdose pathways
– heroin assisted treatment
– same day prescribing and treatment
20% Improved access to harm reduction activities:
– supply of naloxone
– improve access to blood borne virus testing
– increased capacity to provide opiate substitute therapy
9. In order for us to identify how this funding will be used nationally I would be grateful if you could complete and return the reporting profoma in Appendix 2 by Wednesday 17 February 2021 to We will send you a further proforma setting out actual spend following the end of the financial year.

Bamboozleing with smoke & mirrors, basically.

Daisy is the new system & all areas should be live by 1 April.

We will be asking




 for ACTUAL residential rehab data on daisy as of 1 May.

There shouldnt be anywhere to hide on Daisy !

You can read more about Daisy by clicking   here 

DAISy went live on 1st December 2020 in four NHS Boards (Ayrshire & Arran, Dumfries & Galloway, Grampian, and Western Isles), with the remaining ten NHS Boards scheduled to go live on 1st April 2021. Both the current Scottish Drug Misuse Database (SDMD), and the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Waiting Times (DATWT) systems will continue to be accessible for 14 months from 1st April 2021.

Consequently, reports on specialist drug treatment services in 2020/21 may be based on combined SDMD and DAISy data, while reports on drug/alcohol treatment services in 2021/22 and beyond should be based entirely on DAISy data.

Further Information

– on the DAISy system, please contact the DAISy Team at

– substance use information, please contact