You can now read the bids for the 2023 UK Recovery Walk by downloading below

Every year we take a vote to see where the walk will take place based on the bids that come in.

The bidding process is a 2 stage affair. You can read about the process and more here.

This year we had 3 notes of interest applications from different parts of the uk but only two full application came in.

As always it is you that decides where, why and what we do in our work for the year ahead.

The vote is now launched & you can vote here so keep your eyes open on Facebook & twitter & whatsapp to share with your friends.

Voting will end on January the 27th at 3pm & the winner will be announced Immediately.

Here are the bid applications to help you make your decision

UK Recovery Walk Bid HULL 2023

UK Recovery Walk London 2023